MJM 40z
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40z Express more hard glass enclosure if one wants to only partially open the sides in rough conditions.t[...]



40z Downeast larger side openings for more fresh air ventilation, easier boat-to-boat greetings and convenient single-handed docking. [...]

MJM 40z

A Design That's Right for the Times

Unsurpassed Fuel Efficiency

The 40z is ideal for a couple downsizing from larger power or sail: Still large enough a yacht to seat 3 couples in protected comfort and for safe passage in offshore waves, yet light and narrow enough for unassisted docking and single-handed operation. This is truly a powerboat that will keep people boating together through shared adventures on almost a daily basis.

The low-drag, modified-"V" planing hull replaced the typical downeast configuration, meaning there is less power needed to overcome resistance. The boat's 32-knot top-end performance is achieved with just a four-cylinder, 260 horsepower diesel, which is said to offer half of the fuel consumption of similar-size boats.

Year-Round Joy

Thanks to a beam of less than 12 feet, height with radar under 13.5 feet loaded on a trailer, and 10,600 lbs. ½ load displacement: 40z is large enough for comfortable offshore passage-making and cruising -- yet readily transportable by road (with permits) between a winter residence south and a summer vacation cottage north.

Performance Features

  • Twin Cummins 320-350 hp or Volvo-Penta 300-370 hp diesels
  • Epoxy unidirectional tri-axial kevlar and S-glass hull and deck
  • Joystick docking control with AXIUS or IPS systems
  • 35 knots top speed
  • Best fuel mileage- environmentally friendly 1.2-1.5 NMPG
  • Convertible 3-stateroom sleeping for 6


MJM Yachts MJM Yachts
Designed by: Zurn Yacht Design
Built by:  Boston Boat Works

Fuel Efficiency

40z Fuel Efficiency Comparison Chart

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"Jaguar, the famous maker of British sporting sedans, built its cars to display “grace, space and pace.” After that memorable winter boat ride in Boston Harbor, I’d wager that if Jaguar built yachts, they’d come out like the 40z."

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